Registering your license

When you first install the software on your system, and after running your first script, WbW should initialize a trial license, as it did in the output from the previous section. While this allows you to use WbW without restrictions for the trial period, after this time you'll need to purchase a license from and register it to continue to use the software. An annual license only costs US$10 per seat and you may purchase multiple seats at the same time. After the purchase, you'll be redirected to a website providng you with an activation key. If you've purchased multiple seats, you'll be provided a single activation key that contains your purchased number of seats.

Be sure to copy your activation key, or the embedded Python script, before closing the redirect page. You will need this to activate your license.

To register your license, you need run the following Python script:

import whitebox_workflows as wbw

# Be sure to replace the key below with your issued key; this one is just an
# example. Also update with your first and last name and email address. Note,
# by running the script, you are agreeing to the terms of the license, found
# on

While licenses for WbW are node-locked (i.e., they are tied to a specific computer and not 'floating'), licenses are transferable, if for example you would like to move your license to a different system. For this, you need to use the wbw.transfer_license() method, which will issue you a new activation key, with the number of days remaining on your license; you may then use the issued key to register WbW on the other machine. Doing so will deactivate the license on the current computer. Similarly, the wbw.deactivate_license() method is used to deactivate a license, although note that this simply removes the license but does not uninstall WbW from your system. To uninstall the software, use pip uninstall whitebox-workflows.

For a demonstration of the registration process, please see the video below: